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Casino Casino Franzensbad
Casino Casino Franzensbad
Casino-Casino Franzensbad
Casino-Casino Franzensbad
 Casino Casino Franzensbad
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Casino Franzensbad, Františkovy Lázne

Czech Republic
Národní 1
35101 Františkovy Lázne

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Introduction, Casino Franzensbad

The Emperor Franz I., Otto von Bismarck, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many others entertained themselves here virtually in a “royal” fashion. At present, the spa town where eminent persons and sovereigns from various countries used to meet is yet again an emerging place at the heart of Europe which does not have to be afraid of international comparison. In the region’s centre, there is a spa house where one of the oldest temples of Fortuna, the goddess of luck, is located.

Details, Casino Franzensbad

In a classical atmosphere, the casino offers games such as Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Black Jack and slot machines. Employees and service are governed exclusively by the wishes of the customers. And – as in the old times – everybody can feel here as a king. In luxurious leather chairs, the casino guests may relax and have themselves cosseted by various famous mixed drinks. You will be warmly welcomed by more than 150 casino fellow workers, of course, also in the German and English languages. Also, it will be a pleasure for us to arrange for you various events during your stay in Františkovy Lázně. Please, make use of our inquiry forms or our non-stop hotline operated 24 hours a day.

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