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Club Discotheque Tygmont Warszawa
Club Discotheque Tygmont Warszawa
Club Discotheque-Tygmont Warszawa
Club Discotheque-Tygmont Warszawa
Club Discotheque-Tygmont Warszawa
 Club Discotheque Tygmont Warszawa
Club Discotheque Venues

Tygmont Warszawa, Warsaw

Mazowiecka St. 6/8

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Introduction, Tygmont Warszawa

Jazz Club "TYGMONT" was created by Krzysztof and Marek whose friendship goes back to the most active times of one of the best student venues in Poland - "Riviera-Remont" club. "Riviera-Remont" had housed rock-front, jazz-club, theatre, "Kwant" film club, "Riviera-Foto" photographic workshop, club of the Jazz Jamboree festival and the club of the Chopin festivals. It has fostered many great talents active on the Polish cultural scene ever since. Krzysztof, a former director of "Riviera-Remont", had a dream of opening his own jazz club. His dream came true in January 2001 when, at the opening of Tygmont, the best Polish jazz musicians played to an audience of over 400.

Details, Tygmont Warszawa

Marek, a journalist and an excellent photographer of the world music scene, has succeeded as the artistic director of Tygmont in creating an exceptional atmosphere and music environment. His photographs adorn the walls of the club. Today, in spite of its young age, club "TYGMONT" is recognised as a major jazz hub on the map of Poland. Fans of the club appreciate the high standard of music, good & reasonably priced food, the excellent selection of drinks and not least the free entry ! AKTUALNE FOTKI - all major & everyday events are captured in the photo-gallery GALERIA p. MARKA - shows samples of photographic works by Marek Karewicz. NASZ PROGRAM - gives you information on current and planned events, MENU - will moisten your taste buds. Come and sample the unrepeatable atmosphere of "TYGMONT" !

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