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Convention bureau Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos
Convention bureau Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos
Convention bureau-Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos
 Convention bureau Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos
Convention bureau Organizations

Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos, Malaga

Calle Pacífico 55, 2º D
29004 Malaga

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Introduction, Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos

Everything you need to organize your event Arteventos is a specialized company who counts with a great team of professionals in organizing all kinds of events. Business events: Meetings, Congresses, Fairs, Exhibitions, Work shops, launch of products, shareholders' Meetings, etc. Social events: Weddings, birthday, baptisms, communions, banquets, caterings and much more. We have all kinds of material and technical means, totally dedicated to offering a great variety of services in order that the organization of your event is a success. In order to respond quickly and effectively to any type of demand, you may ask a budget without commitment on any of our services.

Details, Arteventos, Organización de Eventos y Congresos

What you need, wherever you need. Details of our services for business events: Congresses, symposiums, conferences and all kinds of professional meetings. We offer advice, design, direction, planning and coordination of the events. We elaborate the budget. We look for the most ideal headquarters. We contract and coordinate the suppliers. Control of access to the event. Technical Secretariat and management of accreditations. Our equipment of high-level professionals takes care of every detail in the management of his event to obtain a guaranteed success. For social events: Integral organization service: Design, organization and coordination of your wedding. Includes advice on suppliers, venues, catering, bridal car, photography, flowers, details and personal atmosphere and the coordination the day of the wedding to make sure everything to be perfect. Service of design: If you have already chosen the place of celebration and the suppliers and you only want to contrat the personalized design of your wedding, we help you and advive you, contributing with new ideas in order that everything turns out like you dreamed. This service includes also our coordination in place of the day of your wedding. Service of coordination: This option is indicated if you have already chosen all the services and prepared your wedding accourding to your requirementes and you don't want to delegate in the relatives or friends the responsablility fo coordinating all this so special day. We offer you the possiblity of contracting only the coordination in place in order that everything goes our to the perfection.

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