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Tocqueville's Cato Farms Cheddar Salad at Harvest in the Square last night #harvest2014 #greenmarket
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CrowdLed makes audience part of light show

Light shows at events are becoming larger and more exuberant. CrowdLed, a concept of Crowd Activation, makes the passive viewer part of the light show with remote controlled LED wristbands. The 'crowd' is no longer gazes himself to the effects, but is now part of the show. The CrowdLed wristbands are handed out to the public at the entrance. When the event reaches its climax, the wristbands are activated at a distance. The light show moves from the stage to the audience. Thousands of people turn into a light sensation and will synchronously blink with the light show. The LEDs in the wristbands are controlled remotely by a remote control, controller or iPad. So there is no need for additional staff or equipment.
Tip 1: Use CrowdLed for kick-off meetings, employee events and brand events.
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