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Get inspired and view event ideas for conferences, events and meetings. Event inspirations and new event features for conferences, meetings and events. As an user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and tips for your event, day trip, convention, special celebration or a business trip. On this subpage of Event1001 you will find all kind of ideas and trends to support you with the organization of your event, meeting or incentive.
Idea 1: Palace on wheels 14 fully air-conditioned deluxe saloons, equipped with world class amenities to enhance the pleasure of traveling through India.
Idea 2: Bubble bar A Piaggio Ape bus transformed to a luxuries winebar. To hire for a wedding, business meeting, golf tournament or garden party.
Idea 3: It is a knockout! Team building tournament with a lot of fun. Based on the populair tv serie It's a knockout with giant custumes, bouncy castles the day takes place on a huge sports field complete with all the water traps and slippery slides.
Idea 4: The highest hotel! The highest situated hotel in the Alps: 3212m high, a great experience for your skiing holidays and enjoy the perfect snow conditions.
Idea 5: The coldest place on earth! Winter life in Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, the coldest place on earth!
Idea 6: Balloon-up Easy and simple web and mobile solutions for the public to participate in your events. Twitter is your way of creating buzz around your event. You get direct feedback on your product from your audience. Participants are no longer spectators but actors of your congress. They are much more involved in the presentations. Your seminar becomes more productive. And many more!
Idea 7: Fire and Fun  Water, foam and fire play an important role in a large number of parts of the game. Putting out a kitchen fire or want to climb a car ladder of 30 meters high?
Idea 8: Event Quiz Believe it or not Quiz events. If you want to try something different for your conference entertainment. They promise you a competitive event full of hilarity!
Idea 9: Wild outdoor idea For an incentive or corporate teambuilding event in the heart of Auckland city. Skywalk for the real dare devils. you will walk the 1, 2 metre wide walkway around Auckland's famous Sky Tower 193 metres above the ground. From here you will get the best possible views! After the walk you can jump of the Sky Tower, Sky jump where you fall very fast for 11 seconds and have a smooth landing.
Idea 10: Long term promotional items When buying promotional gifts make them available for long-term use, therefore if you have any surplus stock they are not been wasted as they can be utilised for another occasion. An easy way to do this is to exclude the date. The actual event can be promoted with other means such as your fliers and online promotion, but the promotional item has longevity. This is not always appropriate for occasions such as sporting events where T-Shirts may require a date to highlight when participation took part.
Idea 11: Thank you gifts social responsible way When you organise a conference, it may be part of your protocol to give a present to the speakers or delegates. When you plan a wedding you often provide your attendants with a thankyou gift, voucher or flowers. Another option is to donate that money to a cause and make an announcement advising all the attendees that each speaker will see the company make a contribution towards the said cause. Donations are also tax deductible for businesses and private planners alike.
Idea 12: Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou Qiandao Lake a genuine health retreat: The fishing team has special collection of fishing skills with help of huge nets. While fishing you may see fish jumping two or three meters above the water. The lake features magnificent scenic beauty. On the Longchuan Bay there are many outdoor exercises like ice-breaking, floating ladder, Burma Bridge, Hot Wheels and many more. Ideal to strengthen team spirit.
Idea 13: Ice solar ICE cream cart Treat your guests to a delicious fresh Italian ice cream scoop. The ICE Solar Ice Cream Cart is an ice cream cart entirely on solar energy. The ice cream cart is completely energy neutral by using solar cells on the awning of the cart. Therefore there is no need for an external power source. The 100% Italian artisan ice cream is prepared with natural ingredients, for all the ice cream home-grown organic milk is used the ice is sweetened with cane sugar. The chocolate ice cream is delicious because of the use of honest cocoa. For all the sorbet ice cream they also use honest and organic fruits. All in all a green event idea. For that extra touch it is possible to print your logo on the ice cart.
Idea 14: Hire a graffiti artist! What's enticing for your event that's guaranteed awe-inspiring for your guests is to hire a graffiti artist that can make a painting. A lot of graffiti artists can do this really quickly, which makes it incredible to watch. For your business event you could think of a big and spectacular-looking company logo, a caricature of the CEO or anything else related to your business.
Idea 15: Rapper's delight! A nice idea for your event is to hire a rapper who can write a rap about your company or industry. This can go any way you'd like. You could ask the rapper to poke fun at the CEO or at the business and industry or you could ask the rapper to write a more serious rap. Some rappers are able to improvise very well, too, which is guaranteed to astonish your guests.
Idea 16: Lords of Lightning Something completely different: The Lords of Lightning. It's a lightning show that's already semi-famous on YouTube, but I can assure you that your guests havent seen anything like it before. Two people dressed in metal suits enter on top of a high stage and they interact with the bolt of lightning in the middle. They can manipulate and direct the lightning and they use this power to battle each other. It gives a sense of an ethereal world and will surely impress your guests.
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