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Haddon Hall
@The_Real_JSP unfortunately, its a boar... though we think he is long overdue a haircut! We very much hope you enjoyed your visit.
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Medical Marmara Ambulans
Medical Marmara Ambulans
Medical-Marmara Ambulans
Medical-Marmara Ambulans
Medical-Marmara Ambulans
 Medical Marmara Ambulans
Medical MICE Services

Marmara Ambulans, Istanbul

Tophanelioğlu Cad. 44
34662 Istanbul

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Introduction, Marmara Ambulans

Medical services in Istanbul, first aid company for events, concerts and festival festivities in Turkey. Founded in 1995 Marmara Ambulance , a wide range of services and expert staff in accordance with national and international laws and regulations continue to provide world class service.

Details, Marmara Ambulans

Marmara Ambulance , fast, reliable, high quality and extensive land, sea and air ambulance services, medical consulting services, home medical services, home nursing care services, mobile check-ups, porter service, organizations, sites, schools, social facilities and ambulance services in the infirmary aims to deliver the most effective manner. Marmara Ambulance , equipped with the latest technology in the field by ambulance specialists, ambulance and emergency care technicians (SITA / Paramedic), an emergency medical technician (ATT) and the Ministry of Health medical teams consisting of First Aid Certified drivers, particularly resisütasyon cardiopulmonary (CPR), trauma patients experienced in the stabilization and recovery. Call center 444 1700 access to dial an area code telephone number, experienced Mentors, 7 days, 24 hours a day, non-emergency and emergency protection in all matters related to health, a router may receive disclosures. In emergency situations that may occur, then the right patient at the scene to transfer vital medical intervention and the organization of the institution of appropriate health care for you and your loved ones with timely, reliable and high-quality ambulance services, returning, Step Ahead is half life time, will allow you to be.

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