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How to organize a conference 

How to start to organize a conference

The success of a conference depends upon a number of factors, including the time and location of the meeting. You have to think about the venue, the quest list, materials need for the conference, the technology and also the refreshments. Is it a conference for a day or do you need to arrange hotels for the people attending the conference? Is it a conference abroad? How about one in Paris or what about a conference in Auckland? On Event1001 you can choose venues all over the world. You need to know which location is the best for all your delegates. But the most important thing before you start organizing is the budget. If you know how much you can spent than you can go look for a venue.


Conference venues: how to make a choice

Choosing the correct venue, with the right facilities has just as much impact on the success of the conference as the conference it self. There are a variety of different factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing your conference venue. For example the attractions of the local area and the local arrangements. When scouting locations, keep in mind the number of participants, the convenience of the location, parking and proximity to public transportation, airports and hotels. Your goal in finding a place to hold the conference should be making it as easy as possible for participants to attend. What kind of conference will it be? Do you need residential venues, unique venues, academic venues or historic houses? Do you need an exhibition space or an outdoor space If it is a teambuilding confection than you might want to look for something outside? What size of business seminar rooms are available, are there catering options? Do you need the venue to be exclusive to your event or business? After answered these questions you can find the perfect venue on our page on Event1001.


Conference inspirations: what to think about

Participants do not want to stay in all day so you have to offer them a meal, will this be in the same location or will you show them places outside, most likely they will not know the area. But you can also hire catering to bring in the food. Than there is the aspect of speakers of motivators, you can easily find them on Event1001. If you visit the venue before the conference make sure you have a list with enquiries. First ask about amenities, do you need light and sound, is there internet access, TV screens if needed? View the facility, are there enough parking spaces, is the place big enough, are there no visual obstructions within room, is it nearby restrooms? Is there traffic control? Have you thought about transportation to and from the centre were the conference will be held? Do you need to arrange entertainment for the participants in the evening? If you need a conference or meeting venue for your business, association, society or club, you will find it on Event1001, your worldwide quide.

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