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#NicolasSamu from #Cannes treed 2 en 3 DEC. AS. op te #BrasserieKompas! plaatsen beschikbaar check:
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Sports Outdoor Adventure Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech
Sports Outdoor Adventure Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech
Sports Outdoor Adventure-Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech
 Sports Outdoor Adventure Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech
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Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech, Marrakech

64, Lot Lakssour Route de Casa 64
40000 Marrakech, Marruecos

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Introduction, Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech

Mountain Safari Tours specialises in touring and discovering, the most unusual and least visited places of interest in Morocco. A very reliable team made up of mountain, desert, and original-holiday professionals brings together competent and creative organisers whose knowledge of the terrain, flora and fauna is excellent. A team, most attentive to the wishes of the travellers and explorers. For several years our idea of the voyage continued to grow stronger. Our aims are to offer a wide range of journeys throughout the year, to allow life in the open air with a maximum of pleasure and safety - to take time to discover and encounter, on one of the most beautiful trip of your life.

Details, Mountain Safari Tours Marrakech

Indeed, equipped with an organisational structure of most modern, using new technologies, Mountain Safari Tours is composed of a team of young people raftered in the field, ambitious, acting with rigour and dynamism, passionate and knowledgeable about travel, not sparing any effort to make the stay of our visitors as pleasant as possible; competitive products, new routes re-examined and improved regularly, a complete equipment which make the trips more pleasant. Thus, several autonomous departments were born: Unusual department (Trekking, Horse riding, Camel riding, Mountain Bikes , 4 Wheel Drive...), Cultural product department, Corporate & Events Department (gathering the Congresses, Incentive, Seminars, Symposiums, Conventions...), Wedding ceremonies, Golf, Fishing, … Thank you for considering us and we look forward to working with you to make your Morocco dream trip a reality.

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