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Theater DeLaMar Theater
Theater DeLaMar Theater
Theater-DeLaMar Theater
Theater-DeLaMar Theater
Theater-DeLaMar Theater
 Theater DeLaMar Theater
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DeLaMar Theater, Amsterdam

Leidsekade  91
1017 PN  Amsterdam

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Introduction, DeLaMar Theater

Theater for rent and rent movie theater in Amsterdam for events, meetings and create a theater experience in the Netherlands. DeLaMar: a theatrical tradition DeLaMar Theatre is linked with big names like Wim Kan, Wim Sonneveld and Freek de Jonge and has a theatrical history that appeals to the imagination. In DeLaMar, well over 1500 seats, the program will connect to this tradition. The theater was famous place of great comedians but also a platform for comedy, drama classics, youth festivals and performances - in short, it had a diverse programming.

Details, DeLaMar Theater

The high demands on the existing building be argued that such an special place in Amsterdam lost. That was the reason for the municipality of Amsterdam for VandenEnde Foundation to request a proposal for a new theater with respect for tradition. Ryclef Rienstra, director of the VandenEnde Foundation, explains what the plans are: "The Nieuwe de la Mar Theater has always had a special program for Amsterdam, with both free and subsidized productions shows. After the opening of the new building of the theater remains DeLaMar diversity in productions and players therefore exist. That DeLaMar a unique attraction, demonstrated by the fact that some artists just play here. That character must be preserved. " The current CEO DeLaMar, Fons Bruins, adds: "The program is to consist of the main lines of the scheduling of the Nieuwe de la Mar Theater over the past five years. That ranges from cabaret and musical theater through the so-called well-made plays like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Beside this, the particular forms of performing arts that VandenEnde Foundation supports, DeLaMar a spot. Of course, shifts occur in the future. In a few years may be less popular cabaret and is now an unknown name became particularly popular. But one thing is certain: this special place is again a high quality theater for a broad audience. "The VandenEnde Foundation and supporting the programmatic quality financially. "Annually, one million euros available for custom designs. This budget is at least the first ten years after the opening of DeLaMar, maybe even fifteen years, "Rienstra said. The construction of DeLaMar soon will have one of the most dynamic cultural centers in the Netherlands. The City Theater, Theater Bellevue, Melkweg, Paradiso and the Bar are all located around the corner. The expansion to over 1500-seat theater will also Leidseplein neighborhood an extra boost. And that is an important motive for DeLaMar: helping to build the theater as the Leidseplein square in the Netherlands. "We will work with theaters and venues in the vicinity", underlined Bruins. "There are different ways. For example by a piece that will premiere here in a reprise to give the theater, or vice versa. A successful piece as it easily could in the future Cloaca still a few weeks be able to play in our theater. Also promising theater artists grow Bellevue Theater to the larger rooms of our new complex. " The advent of DeLaMar more people will start enjoying what the Dutch scene has to offer.

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