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Wedding - event planners
How to plan a wedding

Wedding planning: wedding budget

Setting up a budget for you wedding can be easy in the beginning, you have what you have and that's it. But once you start working with that budget you might find that it is not that easy. Sticking to the budget is hard. Before you begin determine a priority list for the reception and the ceremony. How much do you want to spent on the ceremony, honeymoon, wedding flowers, music, photography, wedding rings, reception, hair and make up, diner etc. It is important to stick to the budget and maybe a wedding planner can help you were to save on money and spent it on something else. In the past the man got on his knee and proposed with a ring in his hand. Today most couples decide together to get married and also choose the rings together. First you have to select a style you both like. Than select a price range, maybe before you visit a jewellery.


Wedding planning: pre production

Than of course there is the quest list. First you have to agree on who to invite but the quest list will also depend on the budget. Is it going to be a huge wedding with a lot of quests it of course will cost you much more. Your guest list generally drives other decisions, so it's often smart to write the list sooner rather than later. If you are inviting a lot of people you have to look for a romantic or historic venue were you can keep the ceremony but the size of the quest list can also effect the mood and tone of the day. After you have finalized the quest list you can sent out the invitations.


Wedding planning: ceremony

For the ceremony you have to have an efficient for the legal stuff. You can get married by a family or friend if they are officially sworn to do so. It all depends on your faith. You always will need a marriage license, especially if you get married abroad. Then you need the rings, if you want them the personalized wedding vows. If you want music on your ceremony don't forget to make sure it can be played there, live or by music instillation. Not everyone chooses to have a program, but they are helpful for guests to understand the rituals and know who's who in the wedding party.

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