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Where to go Belgrade
Where to go in Belgrade, Serbia and visit best places

Where to go in Belgrade, Serbia and visit the best places in Belgrade. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and a fantastic destination. This modern metropolis has 2 million residents. It has excellent air traffic connection via more than 30 international carriers, a lot of international hotels and world-class conference facilities. Belgrade is according the UK Sunday Times the New Capital of Cool. It had plenty options for pre- and post-conference tours and excursions. Belgrade has a magnificent nature, monasteries, archaeological sites, wineries, ethno villages and spas to visit. More than 30 international airline companies operate in Serbia and it is possible to book a direct flight from more than 50 destinations in Europe. It has an extensive rail network connecting Belgrade to the rest of Europe. The port of Belgrade is a major transit, loading and cargo centre. As an user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or a business trip in Belgrade. Have a look on this Where to go in Belgrade page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Belgrade, Serbia.
Tip 1: Venues: hosting an event in Belgrade there are many great venues. The Royal Compound, the Palace of prince Aleksandar and his family is a perfect venue for a party or business event. The Belgrade Arena a symbol with a 6 level hall has a capacity for 25000 people. Banquet hall Ada Lake Avenue with a spectacular view has a total capacity of 1000 people. In the University of Belgrade you can book your meeting in the Solemn Hall for 220 people.
Tip 2: Grand Casino Belgrade: Located in the beautiful district of New Belgrade, on the bank of the Danube River with its magnificent promenade. It has three restaurants and 4 bars, as well as various gaming facilities for a great night out.
Tip 3: Dining: Traditional Serbian food and home made brandy (Rakia) and wines can be consumed at the typical village house style restaurants and taverns. For river fish specialties go to Saran or Reka. Fancy fusion restaurants a Cantina de Frida. Restaurants with the capacities to hold a banquet, different types of celebrations and famous for good food are Devetka, Jezero Ada and Kalemegdan Terrace. There are also a lot of specialized restaurants with French, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Latin, Lebanese and Mediterranean food.
Tip 4: Concerts: Belgrade is the capital in every sense of the word. It has hosted concerts of the leading world artists and performers of the classical music, pop or rock scene. Concert venues are the Arena Hall, Sava Centre, the Kolarac Concert Hall and the Student Cultural Centre.
Tip 5: The Royal Palace: built between 1924 and 1929 with the private funds of His Majesty King Alesander I is surrounded with pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilions and platforms. The ground floor receptions rooms are very beautifully appointed. There are magnificent views from the palace towards the bridge of Dedinje Hill, Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala Mountain.
Tip 6: Museums: The National Museum is the oldest and has collections from rarities to comprehensive presentation of cultural heritage of Serbia and Europe. The Jewish Historical Museum has apart from thematically contents a significant archive. The Museum of Applied Artsis systematic collecting protecting, studying, exhibiting and publishing works of applied arts. There are many more museums to visit in Belgrade.
Tip 7: Belgrade Fortress: with impressive views of the Danube and Sava rivers, the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together are great to visit. You can attend various sports, cultural and arts events. The fort has a mystery which you can solve. The park is peaceful and quiet with gardens and trees. Hop on a tourist train to make the most of your sight seeing experience.
Tip 8: Bohemian Skadarlija: This authentic part of Belgrade downtown is a true inspiration for poets, painters, actors, artists, politicians, lawyers, lovers and anyone who praises good food and nice music. Visit famous taverns, listen to live music, buy souvenirs and maybe you bump into the performers dressed up in traditional costumes.
Tip 9: Downtown: the street of Knez Mihajlova is the main artery of Belgrade. It is a pedestrian zone and a shopping centre where you will find stores of the world leading brands, art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir stalls and bookstores. Everything is open till late night hours. The streets are full of street performers and entertainers of various kinds.
Tip 10: Cruise: Belgrade has two rivers, the Danube and the Sava with beautiful promenades with entertainment possibilities. With more than 100 restaurants, cafes and clubs. If you book a cruise you will be struck by the beauty of charmingly lit city landmarks during the night excursions.
Tip 11: Ada Lake: This is a leisure paradise, an island in the Sava River. The lake is used both for recreation and sports offering more than 50 sport terrains for different disciplines. Around the lake you can bike or roller skate and if you are a golf lover you can enjoy a 35 hectare course with 180 meters shooting range. You can also do waterskiing, bungee jumping and free climbing.
Tip 12: Churches and Temples: The Temple of Saint Bava dominates Belgrade cityscape and presents one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Ruzica Church built in stone, as a part of the Kalemegdan fortress is the first Orthodox church in Belgrade. St Michael the Archangel Church is a church of 1840 built with late baroque elements.
Tip 13: Red Star Belgrade Museum: This has an impressive collection of cups. One of them is a cup won in the summer tournament in Spain and is so heavy it had to be carried with 4 people.
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