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Where to go Hangzhou
Where to go in Hangzhou, where to go in China and visit best places in Hangzhou

Where to go in Hangzhou, China and visit the best places in Hangzhou. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

As a user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or a business trip in Hangzhou. Just have a look on this Where to go in Hangzhou page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Hangzhou, China - Hangzhou is a capital of six dynasties in Ancient China, which is modern and growing and is a great destination for holiday or events. Here you can get a glimpse of the historical and cultural look of ancient China but also the dynamic civilization of a modern metropolis. It has perfect transportation options with major cities in China and Asia with the Hangzhou Xiasohan international airport, the railway station as well as canal buses. Mice has become one of the important segments within the tourism sector. Hangzhou has long hot summers and chilly and cloudy winters. The economy grows fast and it is an industrial city with many divers sectors such as in light industry, agriculture and textile. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in China, although been through many recent urban developments it has kept its historical and cultural heritage.
Tip 1: Natural beauty: The west lake Scenic Zone a Unesco listed heritage and known as heaven on earth. Take a bike cycle tour on the Beishan Road, Yanggong Causeway or Nashan Road for a teambuilding activity. Pick your own tealeaves and taste the best tea in Longgjing or Meijiawu Village. Book the whole painted boat to watch the life-size performance of the West Lake, the only urban landscape and real scene performance in the world. There are more than 90 attractions in The West Lake to visit.
Tip 2: Xixi National Wetland Park: this is an example of a wetland in an urban area. For a team spirit water activity you can do the Dragon Boat contest. In the open water planners can add dragon boat training to the corporate event agenda or organize a small contest. Also for water bicycle, waterwheel, real person CS fight and other team building exercises.
Tip 3: Fisherman Tour: also in the Xixi for a popular theme activity. Take the sightseeing cruise and appreciate the nice scenery along the way. You have a chance to get closer to fresh vegetables and fruits and enjoy the fun of fishing shrimps and turtles. You can process your fruits of labor to the delicious dishes at the local farmers house.
Tip 4: The Grand Canal: the worlds oldest and longest canal of China. With more than 132 heritage sites you can take a Crand Canal cruise or go treasure hunting. Book a boat night cruise along the river towns eating authentic Chinese food. With a map and a treasure list you may wonder around freely along the banks and take photo's as a proof of the found treasures.
Tip 5: Tour in the former Residence of Hu Xueyan: This private house built in Chinese style with many pavilions, booths, bridges is so luxurious. During the day you can sit on antique furniture, tasting the tea and enjoying the banquet. You can also take a night tour and when the lights are turned on throughout the whole courtyard you can walk around in the well designed garden. The pools, zigzagging bridges, elegant pavilions and magnificent mansions are breathtaking.
Tip 6: Medical treatment: Guang Xing Tang fully recovers the original state of traditional Chinese medicine providing a series of special service. An exhibition of Chinese medicine culture. As a guest you can take Chinese medicine meals, taste medicine teas, listening to medical lectures, experience acupuncture an tuine and get a foot massage.
Tip 7: Jiangnan Cuisine: at the GuiYu restaurant, a 3 story building with 18 private rooms you can taste the original Jiangnan cuisine. In addition to the color, smell and taste of cuisines, the restaurant also aims at a serving attractive looking dishes. Every meal is sure to satisfy your sense of taste, delight your mood and is good for your health.
Tip 8: Impression West Lake Theatre: listed as the World Cultural Heritage it stand in the scenic area of the Yue Lake. The special light and laser light equipped on the performance area above the lake is breathtaking. Actors present the show on the west lake with natural mountains and waters as it backdrops. Every show is a wonderful experience.
Tip 9: Song City: Song City Hangzhou Scenic Spot is the most popular theme park in China. A cultural heritage with cotton shops, alcohol shops, dye houses and pottery shops. With ethnic performances including Shaoxing opera, shadow plays, Tongluo storytelling as well as dramas of Yanqing Open Fighting and Arresting Wusong. The sing and dance show Song Cheng Qian Gu Qing is based on the historic stories and myths of Hangzhou.
Tip 10: Wuzhen water town: a one waterway about 400 meters long between two streets of original Qing Dynasty (1644) houses. The street on the entrance side has shops and restaurants and the street on the far side has museums exhibiting beds, clothes, blue flower printed fabric etc. With various exhibitions showing the old way of life. It is still inhabited by the original residents.
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