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Where to go Karachi
Where to go in Karachi, Pakistan and visit best places in Karachi

Where to go in Karachi, Pakistan and visit the best places in Karachi. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

Karachi is one of the major cites of Pakistan which is not only a cultural and traditional center but also a business hub so a great destination for multiple purposes. It has a lot of tourist’s attractions like waterfront, parks, museums, harbors and historical structures. It is the largest city, main seaport and financial center of Pakistan. Winters are mild and dry and summers are warm and humid. It has a rich collection of buildings and structures of varied architectural styles. Karachi has variety of restaurants from fast food to conventional restaurants and international. The nightlife in Karachi is the best of Pakistan, known as city of lights and never sleeps. It hosts many different cultural and fashion shows. Karachi is linked by rail to the rest of the country and The Jinnah International airport is the largest and busiest airport of Pakistan. As an user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or business trip in Karachi. Just have a look on this Where to go in Karachi page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Karachi, Pakistan.
Tip 1: Mohatta Palace Museum: originally the residence of Fatima Jinnah, a sister of the founder of Pakistan and now a museum which displays relics and things of ceramic art, which have been collected over centuries. It also houses a memorabilia of British reign in Pakistan.
Tip 2: Mazar-e-Quaid: the tomb of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan and located in the center of the city. It has been built with pure white marble and featured with curved arches of Moorish origin. In the tomb a four-layered chandelier made of crystal. At night the tomb is featured with powerful lights which make an impressive sight. Fatima Jinnah and the first prime minister of Pakistan -Liaquat Ali Khan are buried there also.
Tip 3: Pakistan Air Force Museum: a well-organized museum where all major Fighter Air Crafts which are used by Pakistan Air Force are displayed in open air. You can also visit photo galleries, weapon galleries in a huge covered hall. With a souvenir shop where you can buy small fighter craft models and more souvenirs.
Tip 4: Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex: a recreational area built in the center of Karachi along the waterfront of the Native Jetty Bridge. This is a major hub for shopping, dining, cultural and coastal recreational activities in the city. Located on Napier Mole Bridge and there are 11 restaurants of exotic Pakistani and foreign food and a variety of beverages.
Tip 5: Manora: this is an island in the harbor of Karachi with a military base. There is a very ancient Hindu temple and the oldest chapel of Karachi. There is a long sandy beach towards the southern end of the island where it is great to have a picnic.
Tip 6: Hawks Bay Beach: in winters, rare species of Green and Olive Ridley Turtles come to lay eggs in the Southwest beaches of Karachi. These pits can be observed on the beachside during the winter months. If you are lucky you can see the turtles creeping in and out of the sea mostly after sunset. There are also other marine species like algae, snails and crabs.
Tip 7: Frere Hall: once a town hall in the days of the British Rule and the hub of Karachi's socio cultural activities. A Venetian Gothic building with on the ground floor a fine public library named Liaquat National Library with several thousands of books including rare and handwritten manuscripts, newspapers, dictionaries, atlases and technical books. The upper floor is an art gallery containing masterpieces of Pakistan’s famous calligrapher and painter Sadequan.
Tip 8: Safari Park Karachi: with a chair lift, train ride, bus safari, small children park, gardens and a play area. There is also an adventure park, Go Aisia, where you can enjoy some adventure sports such as rappelling, crossing rope bridges, paint-gun flights and more.
Tip 9: Aladin Park: the largest kid’s theme park with a shopping center and a playground. In the park PIA Airlines has set up a planetarium which provides to see images of the whole sky with professional telescopes. The Great Fiesta an exciting and thrilling waterslide for young and old, Artificial Beach, Lazy River and Hurricane Wave Pool are attractions of which the name says it all!
Tip 10: Kemari: a small but busy harbor of Karachi where you can fish and the sightseeing is great! You can visit the lighthouse and the fort of Kemari and you can sail along the sea coast, travel east to see Mangroves, waterfowl and fishing villages or go to Indus National Delta Park where you have a change to see water flowing in large quantity.
Tip 11: National Museum of Pakistan: founded in 1950 for study and preserve art and cultural heritage of this nation. With 11 galleries and it possesses more than 300 transcripts of Quran which 52 are holographs and are displaced in Quran Gallery. There are more than 58000 coins and 70000 books preserved in this museum.
Tip 12: Clifton Beach: this is an amusement park with stalls, camel and horse riding facilities and several options for swimming. Small shops at the beach display handicrafts and gifts made of sea shells. At night visitors come especially to see the beautiful fountain that has been built on the sea and is considered to be the tallest fountain jetting out sea water.
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