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Where to go Ljubljana
Where to go in Ljubljana, Slovenia and visit best places in Ljubljana

Where to go in Ljubljana, Slovenia and visit the best places in Ljubljana. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and a perfect destination for a business trip or event but also for a nice holiday. It has many qualities including sights, attractions, a multitude of events and trendy places, it has a central position in Slovenia with many attractive locations for outdoor pursuits or special events within a maximum of 1, 5 hour drive. In this time you can reach the Adriatic coastline, explore the Karst region with fantastic underground caves, play golf of go further into the alpine region, crossed by emerald rivers. Ljubljana has an airport 25 km from the city centre with 200 direct scheduled flights per week to 20 European destinations. It has a modern road network and comfortable trains which are inexpensive. It has many large hotels with all kind of possibilities for a romantic vacation or a business event. As a user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention,special events or a business trip in Ljubljana. Have a look on this Where to go in Ljubljana page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Tip 1: Adventure: Challenge yourself on adventure trails for different levels of skill with different exercises to choose from and overcome your fear up to 11 metres above ground. There are different adventure parks in Ljubljana were you can climb, go cycling, ride a mountain scooter, a climbing tower, play Frisbee golf or descend in a tube with a range of 100m on an air mattress. Go indoor carting of do a teambuilding challenge by the Sava river.
Tip 2: Winter rafting: break the barriers and obstacles in your mind and experience something really unusual. Rafting in winter can become really exciting by breaking barriers and challenge you to new limits. I can be combined with some warming up team activities and warmed up in the end with mulled wine.
Tip 3: Paddling on tranquil rivers: on board on a kayak you will be able to admire the beauty of the Ljubljana Moors natural environment from a different angle. When you are silently gliding you can listen to bird songs, buzzing insects and chatty frogs. While observing the wild flora and fauna you can smell the sense of nature. You can choose from three mystical and magic rivers: The Bistra, Iscica or Ljubljana.
Tip 4: Cave world: discover the natural treasure hidden in depths below the earth’s surface. The cave known as Mala in Velika Pasica close to the village of Gornjilg you can admire the beauty of limestone formations, stalactites and unusual forms of life. You can even descend into two small abysses.
Tip 5: Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra: this museum is located in a castle surrounded by a beautiful park and river. You can see various demonstrations and attend workshops which you can introduce to old techniques and methods of working with the tools and machinery that our ancestors used in their everyday working lives. Textile machinery, horseshoe forging, letter casting, calligraphy, bread baking and many more.
Tip 6: Treasure hunt in historic Skofja Loka: discover the hidden treasure of Skofja Loka the best preserved medieval town in Slovenia. Solve different challenges along the winding streets and historic alleys in this old town quarter. It reveals legends and local mysteries as well as the traditional honey bread pastry.
Tip 7: Experimental Museums: House of Experiments is a high interactive hands-on Science Centre. In this museum you may study every piece of art with the difference that the exhibits get real value only when you touch them. By moving, changing, squeezing and playing you get to know something new every time. Or visit a museum and transform into a scientist, do experiments like isolating DNA, build a pressure rocket.
Tip 8: Golf: there are different golf courses in Ljubljana, a 9 hole course with driving range where everyone can play and an 18 hole course which presents a challenge for even the best players. There are also four extra practice greens and a driving range if you want to improve your technique.
Tip 9: Relaxing: there are many spas, saunas and thermals in Ljubljana, the Sense Club with traditional and modern massages or the Atlantis Water Park with 14 thematic saunas and 17 pools. There is also the possibility to visit the medical wellness spa complex at the Antiq Palace Hotel were you can get personalised consultations and a variety of treatments.
Tip 10: Clubs: an exclusive club in Ljubljana is Club Top were the most thrilling parties take place, fuelled by the most modern music, style and social trends. An exclusive club rental is available if you want to organize an event. Mr Jones is a new club in town with modern video, audio and lighting equipment which can be used for private parties and other events. They have the best DJ's and can help you create an enjoyable atmosphere.
Tip 11: The Slovene Ethnographic Museum is full of cultural identities, the link between past and present, between nature and civilisation. It is the central museum of ethnology with Slovene and non-European collections in the field of material, social and spiritual culture.
Tip 12: Entertain your guests with Slovenia's top wines, presented in a wine tasting and accompanied by wide range of snacks. The 3 different sizes of bars enable groups of different sizes to enjoy their private event and blend in the lively atmosphere of the rest of the bar. There is a wide selection of local and foreign wines and food designed to complement it.
Tip 13: Wine tasting in the old town by Movia which is among Slovenia's best-known wine brands on the international wine market and some of its select labels are featured on the wine lists of renowned gourmet restaurants even outside Europe.
Tip 14: For a real Slovenian evening you can go to one of the oldest restaurants in LjubLjana called Sestica initially opened in 1670 represents the magnificent memories of three centuries. The evening offers live music and folk dance performance along with an excellent dinner. A menu featuring some traditional dishes and during the programme dances from different regions of Slovenia are performed.
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