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Where to go Mumbai
Where to go in Mumbai, India and visit best places

Where to go in Mumbai, India and visit the best places in plaats. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

Where to go in Mumbai, India and visit the best places. Mumbai as a destination is home to Bollywood, India's fashion capital and a center for the gem trade. It is the capital of India and the fourth most populous city in the world. The contrasts in the city can be overwhelming but also very fascinating. A small island connected by bridges to the mainland, it is India's largest city and financial epicenter, home to the great wealth but as a contrast poverty. The busy streets are packed with grand colonial architecture, a lot of temples and mosques and many ancient bazaars. It has a tropical climate, public transport like bus and railway accounted for 88% of the passenger traffic. The CSIA airport is the busiest airport in India and Mumbai has two major ports. Mumbai has a lot of venues for weddings, business meetings, events and more.Get inspired by attractive ideas in Mumbai to organize your business trip, conference or event. As an user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or a business trip in Mumbai. Just have a look on this Where to go in Mumbai page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Mumbai, India.
Tip 1: The Gateway of India: constructed to commemorate the visit of King Geaord V and Queen Mary to the city and the first thing you will see when you arrive by boat. A great place to start exploring Mumbai. With a lot of vendors selling everything from balloons to Indian tea.
Tip 2: Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat: a massive open air laundry with dirty laundry from all over Mumbai. All of it is hand washed by the dhobis, the washer man who have done it from generation to generation and requires incredible strength and determination. They stand up to their knees in chemicals every day, manually scrubbing and beating the dirt out of each item of the laundry.
Tip 3: Horniman Circle: originally called Elphinstone Circle and is the epicenter of the Fort area. James Scotts designed elegantly curved arcade terraces with a garden in the middle. The central gardens are open to the public and offer a shady place from the noise of the streets. The Circle was renamed Hornimen Circle after the editor of the Bombay Chronicle, Benjamin Horniman who was an avid supporter of Indian independence.
Tip 4: St Thomas's Cathedral: recently restored to its former glory and is the oldest English building in Mumbai. Look out for the memorial belonging to Captain Gearge Hardinge whereby Hardinge is being borne away on a huge seashell pulled by two fiery seahorses.
Tip 5: The Gateway of India: constructed to commemorate the visit of King Geaord V and Queen Mary to the city and the first thing you will see when you arrive by boat. A great place to start exploring Mumbai. With a lot of vendors selling everything from balloons to Indian tea.
Tip 6: Jehangir Art Gallery: the gallery is founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir and is Mumbai's premier contemporary art exhibition space. With four exhibition halls and regularly shows works by Indian artists and most works are available for sale. Artists who are not fortunately enough to have their artwork displayed inside the gallery often exhibit paintings on the pavement outside. You can also find the Natesans here, the oldest licensed antique dealers and the popular Samovar cafe.
Tip 7: Temples: Mumbadevi Temple is an old Hindu temple in the heart of Bhuleshwar Market and is built to honor the city's patron Goddess Mumbai. This temple has been there for more than six centuries. The Babulnath Temple with a steep climb located nearly 1000ft above sea level, the ancient temple features elaborate carvings and a grand terrace.
Tip 8: Chhatrapati ShivajiMaharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya: Mumbai's biggest museum housed within a grand dornd building with beautiful gardens. With the eclectic collections of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures and miniature paintings to weaponry and stuffed animals.
Tip 9: Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach: Mumbai's most famous thoroughfare. Lined with grandiose Victorian buildings, aging art deco apartment blocks and palm trees, the road runs down Back Bay from Malabar Hill to Nariman Point. The Queens Necklace a street with lights who when you look from above resembles a string of pearls. At the end of Marine Drive is Chowpatty Beach, the only trip of sand in central Mumbai and a favorite spot with locals for evening strolls.
Tip 10: Malabar Hill: here you have splendid views of Mumbai. One of the most exclusive residential areas in Mumbai and is home to the city's high flyers. The state governor's official residence is here. It is also home to the Banganga, an ancient water tank which forms part of the Walkeshwar Temple Complex and the pretty terraced Hanging Gardens.
Tip 11: Theater, Dance and Music: Mumbai's National Center for performing Arts, Nariman Point is a huge complex of five theaters with a varying program of plays, musicals and dance, including the occasional English language plays. Many performances are free.
Tip 12: Taj Mahal Palace and Tower: one of Mumbai's favorite landmarks, this grandiose hotel was target of a terrorist attack. Although it suffered significant damage it is well worth a visit. Built by JN Tata, the Parsi industrialist. The Beatles and Bill Clinton have stayed there and even if you are not staying there it is worth stopping and looking around.
Tip 13: Bollywood: if you are lucky you may get to meet your favorite all-time hits superstars, watch them live doing a film shooting. With a chauffeur who will take you for a memorable visit to the Bollywood studios, a guide will take you around with a drive past the famous Bollywood star houses and famous studios.
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