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Where to go Shanghai
Where to go in Shanghai, China and visit the best places for events, a wedding or conference

Where to go in Shanghai, China and visit the best places in Shanghai. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

As an user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, wedding, special events or a business trip in Shanghai. The largest city by population in China and for centuries an administrative shipping and trading town an ideal destination for holiday or work. Shanghai sits on the Yangtze River Delta on China's eastern coast, and is roughly equidistant from Beijing and Hong Kong. It has a humid, subtropical climate. Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China. Due to its cosmopolitan history, Shanghai has a rich blend of religious heritage as shown by the religious buildings and institutions still scattered around the city. Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, largely based on metros, buses and taxis. Shanghai is one of the leading air transport gateways in Asia. The city has two commercial airports. Shanghai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles and beautiful places for events or when you are looking for a special venue for a business meeting. Large hotels for all your attendants or quest. Shanghai's parks offer some reprieve from the urban jungle. Public awareness of the environment is growing, and the city is investing in a number of environmental protection projects. Have a look on this Where to go in Shanghai page of Event1001 and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Shanghai, China.
Tip 1: Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar: a fine example of Ming garden design, with spring and summer blossom. With Shanghai’s flowers the Magnolia grand flora. Next to the garden is the Huxinting Teahouse that was once part of the gardens. The Bazaar is also nearby where you can find great bargains, gifts and souvenirs.
Tip 2: Museums: Urban planning exhibition hall provides a huge collection of photos of what Shanghai looked like a century ago and also current plans for the future. The Shanghai Museum a fun museum with life size models of traditional shops staffed by realistic waxworks and exhibits with video presentations.
Tip 3: Qibao: an ancient canal town which dates back to the Northern song dynasty. With historic architecture with busy small alleyways and cut by a picturesque canal. Handcraft works stills exists here like traditional wooden bucket makers, a traditional distillery and a miniature carving museum. Here you will find some of the old flavors of China.
Tip 4: Shanghai nr 1 Department Store: Opened in 1963 one of the first and biggest department stores and the first equipped with an escalator. With more than 150000 shoppers a day over 11 levels of merchandise.
Tip 5: Longhua Temple and Pagoda: The oldest and largest monastery in Shanghai, from the 10th century it has been much renovated. With five main halls starting with the laughing Buddha hall. With several side buildings to explore like the Thousand Luohan Hall. On the opposite of the temple an entrance rises from the seven-story 44m high Longhua Pagoda, you are not allowed to climb the Pagoda.
Tip 6: Shanghai World Financial Center: this is not the tallest building but a stunning one. With the world's highest observation deck (there are three decks in total, on the 94th, 97th and 100th floors) and the world's 2nd-highest hotel above ground level (at research time), even the dazzling Jinmao Tower is now in the shade. Take the ear-popping lift up to the top or visit the restaurant/bar 100 Century Avenue to truly put your head in the clouds.
Tip 7: Xintiandi: covering 30000m2 of Shanghai’s downtown district also known as the cities living room. This is a place to unwind and relax after a long day. This is a multifunctional dinging, retail and entertainment center with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and bars of an international standard. www.xintiandi.com
Tip 8: YongFoo Elite: a classical western villa with a world of eastern art and luxury. Every aspect tells a story of the past. Young Elite is a private dining and leisure club offering gourmet cuisine, wine and cigar, live music and outstanding service filled with fine art and antiques. It is a favorite place for the cities sophisticated and important visitors such as the French first lady. www.yungfooelite.com
Tip 9: Three on the Bund: a venue celebrating the convergence of diversity. It is a celebration of contemporary living, where art, culture and food, fashion and music converge to inspire a richer life and an elegant, sophisticated gathering place for vibrant people and stimulating ideas. With four unique restaurants, two floors of exquisite fashion stores, the Evian Spa, Shanghai gallery of Art all located in a historic building on the Bund. www.threeonthebund.com
Tip 10: People’s Park: This is a green refuge from Shanghai’s fume-ridden roads, with its Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art and pond-side bar, Barbarossa, all overlooked by Tomorrow Square, the Shanghai Art Museum and the Park Hotel. On weekend mornings an unofficial matchmaking market is held here, where parents show up with their children’s CVs (but without the children) in an attempt to find a suitably successful spouse.
Tip 11: Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market: a traditional market and the spot to go shopping for city sized pets. The insects are the most remarkable; crickets come in a variety of sizes and are sold in woven bamboo cages.
Tip 12: Longwu Kung Fu Center: Coaches from Shanghai’s martial arts teams give classes in Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts. The largest center in the city, it also offers children’s classes on weekend mornings and lessons in English.
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