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Where to go Taipei
Where to go in Taipei, where to go in Taiwan and visit best places in Taipei

Where to go in Taipei, Taiwan and visit the best places in Taipei. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

As a user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or a business trip in Taipei. Have a look on and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei as a destination is home to the best in all facilities. For conventions, dining, accommodation, transportation and all other infrastructure crucial to tourism and MICE. It ranks first in the world in terms of wireless connectivity. The airport offers flights connecting 81 cities all over the world and 30 in China. There are many world-class event organizers en exhibition planners in Taipei. It has beautiful venues and historical sights to combine business with pleasure. There is enough shopping and recreation to do and temples or festivals and events to visit. It has a subtropical climate and a strong economy. The Taipei city government is very helpful when organizing an event from beginning to end.
Tip 1: City Landmarks: The Taipei 101 with a total height of 508 meters is a real treat with restaurants where you can enjoy the setting sun and sparkling night lights after a hard day of work. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is an ideal venue for incentive-tour events, possessing a unique historical, cultural and artistic atmosphere.
Tip 2: Explore Taiwan's big cities: Cosmopolitan Taipei with the National Palace Museum and Longshan Temple.
Tip 3: Relaxing: Taiwan offer some of the world’s best hot springs. Beitou just outside Taipei City to Wulai in the Country Mountains with a great variety of springs, all of which are therapeutic and beauty aging.
Tip 4: Looking for entertainment for your quests treat them on a day in the Miramar Entertainment Park Ferris Wheel were they can shop and see a neon light show every night. Or let them take a ride on the slow moving wheel and let them get a bird's eye view of the sparkling and twinkling river waters and banks, streets and buildings of Taipei.
Tip 5: Accommodation: The Palatal 14-storey Grand hotel up Yuanshan with its classical atmosphere of the Chinese palace style hotel with the beauty of Chinese art. The hotel has several large meeting rooms and 650 quest rooms, ideal for a large convention.
Tip 6: Cultural venues: The National Palace Museum is considerate one of the worlds top four museums and has 650000 exquisite and priceless works from China's emperors. The National Theater and Concert Hall are great performance venues in traditional Chinese palace style and can accommodate an audience over 2000 people. The fronting square can be leased for a themed party.
Tip 7: Museums: the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei are important museums each with a unique style where you can admire aboriginal, traditional and contemporary arts. It is possible to arrange an exclusive tour for groups.
Tip 8: Shopping: The Xinyi Commercial district is home to large shopping venues. With large malls and department stores. The entertainment is centered around a large cinema complex and the district provides easy transportation access for tourists and shoppers. The Ximending area with modern and traditional buildings compete for the most innovative displays and merchandise and the latest fashion. It is also an attractive array of cultural activities and street performances.
Tip 9: Going out: Taipei is a city of many charms that never sleeps. With a lot of trendy bars, pubs and themed restaurants with an never-ending entertainment variation. With 24 hours convenience stores and night markets where you can get a taste of the nightlife of the locals and their favorite traditional snacking foods.
Tip 10: Temples: Xingtian Temple is a well designed complex with a peaceful atmosphere. In front of the street there is a bazaar with fortune tellers. The Mengjia Longshan Temple with a three-sided courtyard architecture and stone carvings temple art. It is home to Buddhist, Doaist and Confucian. The Xiahai City God temple in Dadaocheng is still the center of community life.
Tip 11: Guisui Theater Park: an open stage for performers of traditional Chinese stage arts which is designed in memorial of the area's role as a cradle of Taipei's modern day-culture.
Tip 12: Hot springs: The Xinbeitou area has a unique cluster of hot-spring hotels which offer hot-spring therapy and recreation. Visit them and wash away your worries with the soothing mineral waters while admiring the neighbor's rich cultural heritage.
Tip 13: Festivals: Sky lantern festival where you write your wish on a paper lantern and send it up to heaven and hope your dreams will come true. The Tomb Sweeping day is an opportunity for celebrants to remember and honor their ancestors at grave sites. The Dragon Boat festival to commemorate the death of poet Qu Yuan where the local people drop sticky rice triangles in the river to feed him in the afterlife, they than paddle out on boats to scare the fish away. It now also is a boat race.
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