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Where to go Tokyo
Where to go in Tokio, Japan and visit the best places.

Where to go in Tokyo, Japan and visit the best places in Tokyo. Get inspired by attractive ideas and find tips here.

As a user of Event1001 you are looking for best ideas and city tips for your daytrip, convention, special events or a business trip in Tokyo. Have a look on this Where to go in Tokyo page and maybe you will find new tips when you visit Tokyo, Japan.
Tip 1: Tokyo Disney: offering two team parks, Tokyo Disney, modeled after the California original and Tokyo Disney Sea more for the adults. Lots to see and do and a great way to spend the day.
Tip 2: Nijubashimae Imperial Palace: the palace is located on the former site of the Edo Castle. It is a very large building with stones and greenish trees and flowers. The East Gardens of the Palace are nearby the entrance through Otemon Gate.
Tip 3: Ropongi: filled with restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs and dance clubs. Roppongi is known for its nightlife and rendezvous spots. The Ropongi Hills building and Tokyo mid-town are a mecca of the rich and famous. A hub of fine dining and drinking.
Tip 4: Cruises: take a waterbus and go under the 12 bridges up and down the Sumida-gawa and across Tokyo Bay to Odaiba. Its main ports are Hinode Pier near Hamamatsucho station on the JR Yamanote Line, the former feudal garden Hama Rikyu, Azumabashi Pier near Asakusa and Odaiba. The restaurant boat Vingt-et-un has lunch sunset and dinnertime cruises accompanied by multicourse French meals.
Tip 5: Ice Skating: open year around the Meiji-jingu ice skating rink where you can choose between three types of skates, ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating. In Citizen Plaza you can take lessons in ice hockey, speed skating and general purpose fun. Skate can be rented.
Tip 6: Tokyo Tomn Golf Course: if you dream of sand traps and short putts, this is the place to be. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to go but remember to book in advance, it can be very busy during that time. With very helpful staff.
Tip 7: National Children’s Castle: a place that has playrooms, puppet theatres, a swimming pool and a music lobby where kids can make all the noise they like and make friends with Japanese kids.
Tip 8: Marital Arts: Although Okinawa is the traditional home of Japan's most famous martial art, there are usually several dojos in the city offering karate instruction, as well as semi regular events and tournaments. Some dojos welcomes foreign observers as well as practitioners of kendo a discipline of wooden sword fighting that evolved from actual sword techniques used by samurai in battle.
Tip 9: Tsukiji Fish Market: is the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world, selling more than 400 types of seafood from inexpensive seaweed to sea urchin and caviar costing hundreds of dollars. The outer market, located in a maze of tiny streets packed with retail shops, allows visitors the chance to purchase seafood and other food supplies and enjoy an early morning sashimi meal.
Tip 10: Shinjuku: it offers everything from huge departments stores, entertainment centers to restaurants and the locations shown in the movie, Lost in Translation, including The Park Hyatt Hotel and the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Panoramic views of Tokyo can be seen from the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building.
Tip 11: Ryogoku: Sumo is a Japanese kind of wrestling and Japan's national sport. It originated in ancient times as religious performance to the Shinto gods. It is held 3-6 times annually. Ryogoku houses the sumo arena and is filled with chanko restaurants and other sumo related information.
Tip 12: Bathhouses: Rokuryu Kosen a bathhouse with bubbling amber water that contains minerals from which they claim it can cure a number of ailments. La Qua Spa is a chic and sophisticated spa complex where serious bathing aficionados go to indulge in a bit of class and luxury. With a variety of baths, massage, restaurants and relaxation areas.
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